Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math

Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math

Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math is Dr. Erin Maloney’s first published children’s book, and was designed to help teachers, parents, and students learn about important concepts including socio-emotional learning, anxiety reduction strategies, and the value of persevering through challenging situations. The book was co-authored by University of Winnipeg’s Education Professor and School Psychologist, Dr. Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, and features illustrations by one of our graduate students, Fraulein Retanal, in collaboration with one of our volunteers, Rodger Retanal. The book was edited and formatted by our laboratory manager, Elora Wales.

The 30-page book features fictional characters, Peyton, a young boy who is anxious about math and working with numbers, and his friend, Charlie, a young girl who is confident and fearless when it comes to tackling math problems. Together, this duo makes the perfect pair. Charlies provides Peyton with the skills and strategies needed to overcome his anxiety about math and encourages him not to shy away from the wonderful field of mathematics. Peyton helps demonstrate that with the right tools, anyone can succeed!

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Please note that the authors are not collecting royalties from this book but rather are selling it to buyers at the minimum price set by Amazon. The intention of this book is to make the research more widely available to the general public.

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More About Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math

The following video features co-author, Erin Maloney, discussing the contents of and research behind the children’s book, Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math.

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Additional Resources

We will be putting together a variety of free resources associated with “Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math”, including colouring pages and worksheets, which will be available for download below. Should you wish to create your own variation of such resources, please contact Dr. Erin Maloney at for permission to use the text or illustrations featured in “Peyton & Charlie Challenge Math”.

Download the colouring pages below to print! Please note that you can select whichever pages you wish to print after downloading.